Missed Connections

Celebrating the company's 10th anniversary with a brand awareness campaign, Colossal painted “missed connection” murals throughout Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. The murals encouraged passersby to dial 1-844-CAL-OSAL and interact with mailbox greetings voiced.



To celebrate Colossal’s 10th anniversary, we teamed up with our friends at Doubleday & Cartwright to develop an original summer series. The murals featured nods to Brooklyn’s pop culture bonafides and contained unique phone numbers and hashtags that passersby could interact with. My creative partner Tom wrote the copy for the phone interactions which voiced the different characters callers encountered upon dialing. 5,000 people called 1-844-COL-OSAL, and more than 2.6 million people were engaged via social media. The resulting digital buzz was picked up by national advertising industry entities AdWeek and Mediabistro, and featured on tastemaker blogs Gothamist and Bushwick Daily, amongst others.