Ann Vargas

Art Director & Fine Artist who happens to get brands & likes to bring them to life in the digital space.

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Art Director for start up group messaging mobile app backed by Khloe Kardashian. Begroupd was a group messaging app that makes organizing group texting easier. Groups can create multiple groups and communicate via surveys, polls, events, ratings, and group chat.


Freelance Senior Digital Art Director at Kinfolk. Digital team work with Creative Director Copywriter Tom. Digital assets for Daidō Moriyamax WACKO MARIA colab for Kinfolk.


Art Director and Content Creator for Bud Light Social Media Content at Translation LLC advertising agency, Digital team work with Creative Director & Copywriter Chris.


Digital team work with Creative Director Tom at Colossal Media agency. Parody murals references with the visual ad tropes of luxury real estate and Craigslist missed connections. The extra-curious were encouraged to call 1-844-COL-OSAL, a toll-free number loaded with crank voicemail.


Digital team work with Creative Director and Copywriter Tom. The 9th edition of Colossal’s annual ‘zine is 130-pages of the company’s most captivating work. Vol 9 zine distributed to creative and planning agencies, expanded the perception of the possible when it comes to hand paint.


Digital and print work created at Red Fuse Agency.


Founder of Casa Rosada Hood Art Auction a live Instagram art auction. A fundraising initiative for a group of orphaned children in Dominican Republic. I personally had the pleasure of working at the orphanage as an art teacher.


Digital team work with Creative Director Tom. “Beneath the Surface” documents a groundbreaking Microsoft campaign in hardcover book format, narrated from the painters’ perspective.


Senior Digital Designer for Redken 5th Ave
and Pureology Interactive Marketing. Digital & Print Designer for Entertainment Weekly Marketing.


Freelance Senior Digital Designer for
Luxottica Retail North America.


#NoMoCuomo is a group of committed individulas in support of Cynthia Nixon for NY who are fed up with Andrew Cuomo. Website, branding, and social media strategy work for


& Brand Strategy.


Apart my professional abilities and technical skills I am a artist by passion and by nature—NYC is my home, which favorably enough has allowed me to meet some very eclectic individuals that have truly inspired me as an artist and designer.  Everything I do, I allow fluency across different pockets of culture to spill into the design and elevate the work. I combine traditional graphic design elements with photography, art, and illustration to create unique visuals. 

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